11.25.10 Thanksgiving

This was my morning meditation- quite different from the last one I wrote about.

Buzzing of electric saw, water flowing into the garden pond, hand and pen moving across the paper. I rub my chin with my hand and am aware of the sound carried through my skin and bones. An occasional car passing by, a small propeller plane off in the distance, the swimming pool pump... the sound of a jet mingles with the sound of the smaller plane, a man's voice shouting- I lean into it with my attention- he is shouting with excitement, not anger- I can tell by the tone although I can't make out the words. Now another engine, this time a motorcycle starting up harshly and then as it leaves the sound quickly fading into the distance.

A bird with an intermittent high short whistle pierces through all the sounds of cars, engines, motors, pumps, changing everything- the quality of a bright star piercing the night sky. Sound has the ability to pierce our awareness, breaking the trance. Sound can be used to induce a trance or break a trance.

Whenever I pass through Lynn Carol and George's bedroom the door swings gently shut behind me and the delicate sound of a zither follows me for just a few seconds, a reminder of the present. Usually reminders are of the past... how funny to be reminded of Now.