Biosonic Bliss 3.16.11

Right now I'm in Massachusetts visiting my 89-year old mother who is in pretty amazing condition for her age (which I attribute to her growing and eating her own organic vegetables for the last 60-plus years). Her only real complaints are dimming eyesight and arthritis which can cause considerable discomfort for her.

Her latest and greatest pleasure seems to be receiving treatments with tuning forks- specifically a protocol put together by John Beaulieu- Biosonic Repatterning using Pythagorean tuning forks. I learned this protocol over ten years ago from Avi Khadir Aberman (at that time still known as Phil), an old friend and colleague of John Beaulieu's. When I first experienced them I found them heavenly and wanted to add them to my sound healing practice right away. As it turned out though, I didn't use them much for a long time because I already had a primary sound healing protocol using Somatron vibroacoustic technology and this has really been the backbone of my practice for well over 15 years. In the last 3 years though I have begun working with the tuning forks more and more.

My mother has had all manner of alternative therapy and exposed me to a great deal as well. When I was 7 and injured my neck she had a woman come to the house and give me massage and reflexology almost every day for 2 weeks. When I was 18 she gave me a subscription to The Homeopathic Layman's League of the Northeast along with a homeopathic first aid kit of Dr. Schuessler's Cell Salts and I began learning about homeopathy. It has gone on from there. She herself has had every kind of sound healing treatment I have offered from toning which loved ("It's like taking a bath in ginger ale!") to a treatment in the Inner Dimensional Sound Chamber, which made her extremely nervous. ("Do I have to go in the monkey cage again?" referring to the sacred geometry frame around the sound chamber, when it was offered on another visit). She gets acupuncture, massage and craniosacral therapy on a regular basis, which includes treatments from my sister and I whenever we come for a visit- tui na, Thai massage, Bhakti massage, craniosacral therapy and sound healing.

So about 6 months ago when I was visiting I decided to bring my tuning forks with me. It's an odd thing. Even though I know that for me they are magical, somehow I think other people may just get bored. Well, so far- as far as I know- that has never happened, but somehow I thought it might be a stretch for my mother. Why? She is the IDEAL receiver of almost any kind of alternative therapy as long as it doesn't involve a monkey cage! Anyway I gave her a treatment with the Solar Harmonic Spectrum tuners. It is an off-body protocol and the person just lies on a massage table (or whatever works) while the practitioner(me, in this case) plays a series of intervals with two tuning forks at a time, holding them up to the client's ears. The whole process takes about 40 minutes. Unfortunately I didn't give her the session til the second to last day of my visit. As soon as it was over the first thing she said was, "Can I have another one tomorrow?" And then declared that it was simply blissful.

So now whenever I come she wants the tuning forks. Today, having arrived yesterday, I gave her the first session of what will probably be a series over the next seven days. Her response today was pretty much the same as every other time. After a bit of a challenge getting into a comfortable supine position on the table, within the first few minutes of cranial work she became deeply relaxed and then I started with the tuning forks and soon she was quietly snoring. She wasn't really sleeping but she goes in very deep. (Her snoring style when she is asleep is much more intense.) I also become entrained through the skin and bone conduction as I feel the vibration of the tones moving into my body. After the session was over she really did fall deeply asleep and slept on the table for about another half hour or more. Then she got up, needing less assistance from me than usual and exclaimed that it was simply wonderful, heavenly. She said she felt marvelous.

I asked her if she remembered anything. She said no, she just felt wonderful. She was beaming. She soon began remarking that she had much less pain in her body and couldn't get over how well she felt. She said she felt freer. She repeatedly stated over the course of the afternoon how amazed she was at how much better she felt. I must admit that I am somewhat amazed as well. Something that seems so gentle is so powerful and goes so deep. I haven't used the tuning forks on anyone else who was dealing with physical pain so this is a real eye opener for me to see just how powerful this treatment is on the physical level.

After I was done she called three friends and set up appointments for all of them, including one for one of the owners of the day spa where she goes for her manicure! So interesting...

Having just arrived yesterday we have been having a richly musical time so far. Last night we watched a wonderful program about a reunion of Pete Seeger's old group, The Weavers. The female singer Ronnie Gilbert had extraordinarily beautiful radiant youthful skin some 30 years later which I commented on. Mum said, "That's what music does- you know that!" Yes, it does.