Tuning Updates 3.19.11

Well, I wrote the other day about giving my mother a session with the Pythagorean tuning forks. Since then I have given several more sessions. This is the most consistently I have utilized this protocol (Biosonic Repatterning). At my office I primarily use the Soundweaver VibroAcoustic Environment (pictured here) which has speakers built into the mat as well as on the copper frame so that you feel the music as well as hearing it.

Just finished giving my mother her third session since I have been here. She didn't have one yesterday because she still felt so good from the day before and in fact said she still felt great today- but she wanted one anyway because she loves them so much. When the session was over she didn't even need a hand getting off the table today. I have to admit that I am as amazed as she is at what a positive effect they are having on the physical level. It is definitely far beyond the obvious effects of deep relaxation, which is powerful enough in itself. It seems as if we are moving back the hands of time.

Yesterday one of her close friends came for a session who has "bad knees" and a bad back as well- for years. She is right around the same age as my mother who, as I mentioned the other day, is 89. After the session she told me that she could feel the sound coming in and moving through her body right down to her knees. She felt so much better after the session that she said, "I can't wait to go home and try out the stairs!" It was quite funny and I recommended she not push it but she apparently called my mother today to tell her how great she felt.

Mum's live-in caretaker, Stella also received a session yesterday and was delighted. She has such a hard time relaxing and also a very hard time sleeping and she just loved it as well. She said she got extremely relaxed and went straight upstairs to take a nap. Another woman who owns a dayspa here in Hamilton had a treatment and as soon as I was done asked how long I'd be here and if I would like to give their clients sessions while I'm here and whenever I come back to visit.

So this is very fun and exciting exploring this protocol which I have not put to the test until now. Of course one of the great advantages in using them when I travel is that they are lightweight and very portable- unlike crystal bowls or a sound table! I only wonder why I waited so long...

By the way, if you would like to learn more about Healing with Pythagorean Tuning Forks and other sound healing protocols, please go to my website www.wholisticsound.com and check the calendar of events for workshop dates.