The Fragrance of Bhakti 4.30.11

In Miami right now at the Airport Marriott. Wide awake after an amazing kirtan by Jai Uttal in this incredibly beautiful Episcopal cathedral in Miami. At one point I was very consciously breathing in the sound, the beautiful chanting- poignant, wistful and deeply hearfelt and I thought "Ah... this is what is meant by the fragrance of bhakti." I really felt like I was inhaling the fragrance of love and devotion.

Tomorrow is a six-hour workshop on Awakening Bhakti through the practice of chanting kirtan. There is a beautiful description of Bhakti on the web page for the event. It reads thusly..."Bhakti Yoga is the path of personal relationship with Spirit, with God, with Goddess; a relationship that includes all the flavors and moods of the human heart. In the journey of Bhakti our emotions become the fuel to reconnect us with the Divine and to find healing and wholeness within us. Through singing Kirtan we explore, express and share the deepest caverns of our souls and ultimately find the eternal spring of love." It works for me.