Wake Up Call

Good morning blogaholics. I haven't written a word here in 6 weeks. Finally my schedule has wound down. I am in Massachusetts at my mother's house and will be here for the next 8-10 weeks- through the new year as it looks right now.

About five weeks ago I went back to California for two weeks to teach a sound healing workshop on the use of tuning forks. It was at my sister's clinic in Los Gatos, the Six Harmonies Traditional Medicine Center. We had a class of ten students including my sister Miranda and her partner Jen Minor- who are both amazing practitioners! I have to admit that I am quite astounded at the work they are doing out there. I have known them both for a long time (yes, well... one of them all my life!) and have certainly experienced Miranda's work but the blending of modalities and the sensitivity with which they individually address each client was so impressive. They use Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbs and tui na), Thai massage and craniosacral therapy and also have a number of apprentices they are training- all of them either acupuncture students or licensed acupuncturists.

So I was essentially there to help them explore ways that they could incorporate sound into their practice. The workshop was great- it was a wonderful group and although it was one day and basically a very intensive intro, I felt that everyone got a lot out of it and would really be able to work with what what they had learned. I also did a Sound Journey and the second week I was there gave a lot of sessions, all but one with tuning forks. I did give one person a session with crystal bowls.

The most powerful part of it all for me was doing 3-4 tuning fork sessions every day for a week. I was so immersed in the process and it was such a wonderfully contemplative time. It is such beautiful quiet work and a simple straightforward protocol with very little hands on and it allows a space for the practitioner to become very quiet and internal and really it gave me a lot of time to look at my life and where I am now and see where I might want to do somethings differently- particularly for me in regards to my physical environment, given that I have never liked living in Florida. The awareness that it is time for me to really move forward towards making a change hit me very strongly.