Transformational Healing in Holland

Well, once again it has been a stretch since I have been writing. Much too long. I arrived in Holland yesterday and figure this blog will serve as one of my journals! Along with my Dream Journal and my other journal that I like to write in by hand- which also holds notes from sound healing workshops with Shyamji, Jai Uttal, Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Margalo Ashley-Farrand, Daniel Tucker and who knows what else!

Next weekend I am teaching a workshop on Transformation Through Toning, Tuning Forks and Tibetan Bowls. I will also be attending a workshop the following weekend with my Nada Yoga teacher, Shri Shyam Bhatnagar. Amazing that I have not been able to see him in the states for years but synchronicity provides me with the opportunity on the other side of the Atlantic!

I am staying with dear friends from Toronto who moved here last year. I met them in the late '90s when they were in Florida facilitating some deep process workshops based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles. After that they bought a sound table from me and hosted me for 6 weeks up in Toronto where I taught one sound healing class after another, gave many private sessions and met all kinds of amazing people.

Unfortunately I have a new computer and haven't figure out how to download pictures onto Blogspot yet. I need to find a Mac person here. So for now it will just be my random writings!

I have had a very full past few months with some wonderful sound experiences, not the least of which was a Nada Yoga: Temple of Sound workshop last weekend with Yogi Amrit Desai and Bhagavan Das that was extremely powerful. The most extraordinary piece occurred when I got back though and gave someone a treatment. I did not tell her the theme of the workshop but she received the whole teaching through the session. This is her testimonial:

My Experience with the Dance of Creation & Dissolution: Shiva Nataraja - Betsy Vaught

As I lay on the sound table with the heart opening rhythms of Jai Uttal vibrating through my body, Rosie was by my side energetically supporting me as I moved through this journey. The experiences I had opened my awareness and understanding, shifted limiting energetic patterns, and gave me insight into Satya: Truth.

The following words explain as much as they can of what I experienced, but cannot encompass the wholeness of it. I could feel my body energetically receiving the images, information and awarenesses in fully integrated form, as if a hologram was downloaded into my being, although I was able to view it in linear fashion.

Lying on the table with my eyes closed, the form of Shiva as Nataraja danced into view. I felt the energy, the movement, the creative life force flowing through the dance and out into manifestation. As the dance continued, the universe was created, and desires were made manifest. I saw, knew, understood that as I danced with Shiva/as Shiva, my deeply felt thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions came to be what I experienced as the 3-D material world. I saw, knew, and understood that I had created every situation in my life through this dance. Whatever I put energy into through my attention to it, became manifest.

In a brief instant I asked, “How do I then change the things I don’t like or want in my life?” Very clearly, I was shown that as Shiva Nataraja put his foot down and came to stillness, everything dissolved back into pure consciousness, Purusha. So it is in the stillness that the maya, the illusion of separation dissolves. It was when Shiva lay down in stillness under the foot of his Beloved Kali, that Kali was able to stop and recognize Him as her Beloved. The illusion dissolved.

And so it became clear that the opportunity in this lifetime in this moment is to consciously dance our dance of creation by choosing our thoughts, words, and actions to reflect the world we want to live in and then feel the reality, the truth of them in our bodies, dancing them into being. If we want peace, then we must live peace. When confronted with situations that are not what we want, we shift them by moving into the stillness, reconnecting with the oneness of pure consciousness, and merging our thoughts, feelings, words, attention and actions into our desired manifestation.

I must admit to being absolutely astounded as she began sharing with me the details of her experience. What I got from that is that the sounds, mantras, that we practiced were imprinted on my energy field and the experienced was transferred to her through the process of the sound healing session. And yet, she did not get my experience. She had her own experience that was completely accessible to her. I just keep learning about how this works and the endless forms it takes.