Ch Ch Ch Changes!

This has been a most amazing year so far. I feel like I think about what I want and the Universe is coming to meet me at every new thought. Much is manifesting in my life. I have been rooted to my sound healing center which I started 7 years ago for such a long time now. It has been a labor of love, commitment and dedication. In the last two years I have been called to travel more and more, which is what I was doing before I opened the center. This year I have already been to Holland and am going to California in a month to teach there. I spent the winter in New England and when I was leaving to come back down here it hit me that I had been out of my comfort zone for so long and I was ready to be back in it for a while. I also feel that much has shifted in Newport, RI since I have been down here in FL and that the energy is ripe to reintroduce sound healing there. When I left in 1995 very few people had even heard about it but now there are so many more yoga centers and holistic healing centers that I feel I can go back there and really do a lot of work- sessions, group meditations and workshops.

I also felt so strongly that I wanted to be near my son Moose and his wife Addie before they move to Minneapolis in October as well as my son Nic and his family- particularly my grandson Jonah. And my dear mother who turned 90 last fall and is still as sharp as a tack. I had been thinking about this and the high prices for summer rentals in Newport when I got an email forwarded from a dear friend in regards to a rentals available through a mutual friend of ours. And everything I had hoped for was there for me. An affordable room in a wonderful location less than a mile walking distance from Moose and Addie! So I am there for the summer and so thrilled- leaving in a little over a month. Maybe my sentence in Florida is finally up!

Much to do to prepare. So many other things have occurred- too numerous to write about right now- but it's all good and I am very excited to be teaching, learning and traveling.