Home Again

Hmmm... new Blogger page is unknown territory! Feeling my way through their new set-up.

Anyway, here I am- back in Newport RI after 17 years although it doesn't seem anywhere near that long. Familiarity is an interesting phenomenon- like there is no gap in time... But in that time I have done so much, learned so much, grown so much.
My new pad with massage table set up- sweet!
Tibetan bowls in foreground, tuning forks to the left of table!
Now I have a cozy little space behind an old friends house- a tiny cabin with two single beds and enough room between them to set up a massage table. Gave my first session up here a few days ago. The healing environment- the wellness consciousness- has vastly changed, expanded, opened since I left here, at least it seems that way to me. Time will tell what is really real! When I left very few knew much at all about healing with sound and I don't know yet what the awareness is (of sound as a healing modality), but there are certainly many more alternative healing centers here now so I am really looking forward to the opportunity of presenting more.

Lots of possibilities- my prayer is really to have more work than I know what to do with- I can sort out the overflow later! Meanwhile it is just wonderful to be home in a physical environment that really supports and nurtures my being.

 Florida was a place of such incredible growth for me for a lot of reasons- not the least of which was that I was in an extreme Discomfort Zone all the time- it was physically awful for me. Whenever I would get out of that climate I would feel about a hundred times better... so I am extremely grateful to have found a place in which I can make a transition in a pretty undemanding way. I don't have to make any big commitments. I am just here, feeling it all out- and so far IT FEELS GOOD!

On top of all that I am near two of my boys (grown men!), my mother and my grandson.

Life is good.