Closing a Door...

Today I continue wrapping things up at Sound Body Center. Henry decided after a slow summer it was too much for him to try to keep it open so this is the last weekend. Last event was Wednesday when I did a private Healing Sound Journey for a group and went from there to St. Pete College as a guest speaker with a bunch of Tibetan bowls and a few other instruments.

It has been amazing being here for the past month and seeing how many lives have been affected, touched, changed, by the center. I have actually been busier this month and made more money than any one month in the past 7 years which is interesting.  Last February I let people know I wouldn't be around as much and set up a bunch of events in light of that and no one showed up! That was actually when I first made the decision to close the center thinking it was apparently played out for whatever reason.

I have spent a lot of time in the space in the last 3 weeks realizing what an amazing gift it was both to myself and to so many others.  For me, to be able to spend my days in there- to be able to go from room to room with clients or just by myself and be able to lay down on a sound table, to be able to sit in another room and play crystal bowls, to walk into the next room and play my tamboura (thank you, Fred Johnson, Cathy and Barry), or sit and play Tibetan bowls for two hours- what an incredible blessing.

A few days ago I walked around and took pictures of everything that other people had donated to help create the beautiful space that it has been.

I love you
I thank you
I respect you