Sound, Biology and Synergy

This is a really interesting video- presented very well.  He has a lot to say and he says it without going into a bunch of conspiracy theories which I really appreciate.  I have been working with these frequencies for many years. They are, as he says, the frequencies of the Tibetan singing bowls as well as the frequencies of the Solar Harmonic Spectrum tuning forks that I use in my tuning fork sessions and are based on the Pythagorean scale. I choose to work with these frequencies because they are aligned with the mathematical matrix of the biology and physiology of the human body, nature and the cosmos. Conspiracy theories are irrelevant here.  Whoever came up with the tempered scale, whatever their reasons, I attribute it more to ignorance and it's really not that important. What's important is what works and how we can assist bringing the body-mind-spirit back into balance and harmony.

One of the things that is so beautiful about using sound to heal is that it works instantly because it is transmitted directly to the brain/central nervous system.  It is not like an herb or a pill where you have to wait anywhere from several hours to several weeks for it to get into the blood stream or the digestive system or whatever to begin doing its work. I have seen people have profound and permanent healing, both physical and emotional, from a 5-minute sound healing demo. Yes, the body can also shift right back into its old patterns of dis-ease just as we sometimes slip right back into our old stories after what seemed like an unforgettable awakening at a powerful workshop. So we continue to give gentle reminders to the patient, or ourselves, with the sound tools available to us so that the body becomes entrained to the new pattern of harmony. Over time the reawakening of harmony will become the normal frequency and sometimes even thinking of, remembering, a song or a frequency can be all that is needed to help make the shift when the physical, mental or emotional body starts to feel a little off.

We can gently nudge the body with these frequencies- we don't need to bombard it- which is another facet of the beauty of its effect. Using music to heal is wonderful and can be especially powerful and effective when working with the emotional body, but using these pure frequencies, pure tones, without a rhythmic or melodic structure can be even more powerful, subtle and deep because of the synergistic coherence to the biological matrix of the body.