Start to Finish

Yesterday and the day before I woke up with #yourturnchallenge at the forefront of my mind. Today? Somewhere else! Didn’t even remember for probably a good half hour that I had made a commitment to blog every day for 7 days. I felt stumped. What can I write about? I made a little video of gonging and posted it on Facebook- that is another commitment I made to myself- to post frequent sound healing videos. Okay, truth is I said I would make and post one every day- but I missed the second day!

So in my quandary I went to the daily questions: “Tell us about something that you think should be improved.” Looking out there in the world there is just too much stuff- and for the most part it’s really my perception of the world that could be vastly improved so I decided not to go there. The obvious answer for me today, in looking around at all the projects I have started and am partway through, is my ability to see things through from start to finish. 

At this moment I have a flyer that needs to be updated. I have a brochure that needs to be completed. I have a bookshelf half emptied that needs to be moved when I finish emptying it- I started about 3 weeks ago. I have relocated and need to set up a class and some sound healing events at a venue that is close by- the rent is so cheap that it’s basically a no-brainer. I am supposed to be practicing music every day- I don’t. Oh, and three days ago I said I would blog on a daily basis and already I almost forgot all about it!

This is a little more like true confessions than I can bear. The point is I get really excited about life, about new projects and possibilities, about practice, about learning, about teaching and healing but I am constantly distracted and moving from one thing to the next without completing the one I started.
I’m not sure what the key is here. What does it take to create discipline and consistency in one’s life, one’s work, one’s practice? Or beyond that, to achieve mastery? Dedication? That’s not enough- there is no question in my mind that I am dedicated to my work and to my spiritual path as well, and for that matter that I am good at what I do. But yes, there is so much room for improvement. There is a quote in A Course in Miracles that simply says, “Your good intentions are not enough.” Sad but apparently true.

So, what will happen if I choose one thing- blogging, for example (!)- and I do it every day? Taking one step. And seeing if one step leads to another… and another…