Connecting With Clay Through Sound

Still getting back in the swing of things after a week of intense pain, then sudden almost miraculous relief, followed immediately by having a group of 5 ceramic artists stay at my house last night. Two of them are my dear friends Devin McDonald, ceramic artist extraordinaire and Brian Ransom, musician, ceramic artist and maker of exceptional ceramic instruments. The other three were Brian's top students at Eckerd College. They were all up in RI for the NCECA Conference.

The visit was wonderful although I was in too much pain up until yesterday to be able to attend any of the conference other than one opening last night.

Below is video of Brian Ransom, Barry Hall- author of From Mud to Music, his wife Beth Hall and Eric Peterson playing an assortment of ceramic instruments at a show in Highlands, North Carolina. Unfortunately when I filmed it I didn't realize I couldn't zoom in and out without the camera muting, so there are some interruptions but it does give you a good idea of the variety of instruments and the beautiful sounds that are possible when such talented people are playing them. All of the instruments were made by the musicians.

And on that note, here are a few pictures of one of Brian's students who totally connected with an udu I made in Brian's studio a few years ago! An udu is a ceramic vessel originally made to carry food or water but which doubles as a percussion instrument with a unique sound reminiscent of Indian tablas.
Udu in the making- Rosie Warburton