Integrating Inspiration

I have had a long and fruitful day today which started off with a 3 1/2 hour meeting today with Lisel Woods, enterpreneur and small business consultant, discussing marketing strategies for my business. Nice that she is a devotee of Seth Godin! It has been so enjoyable meeting with her and getting some fresh perspectives and inspiration in thinking about ways to move forward. One of the ideas that came to me today was to offer 3-day sound immersion workshops for practitioners. They would be very small groups, a true intensive, for no more than 6 people at one time.

I am feeling very inspired but also very tired so tomorrow I will unravel some more of the inspiration that came to me today. I think I need to sleep on it-I feel like I will be able to integrate more of it with eyes closed!
Me resting on the Athena Table- a sound table with speakers built into it made by the Somatron Corporation-
I am actually lying here listening to some great music (Tulku by Jim Wilson),
feeling the vibrations through my whole body!