Sound and Self-Healing

I have not been feeling well for the past three days so tonight I have to make it short. So I just sat back on the chaise longue and listened to a CD that my friend, musician/sound healer Dave Chandler, had recorded of me in the RISD Chapel last year. The good news is that while I was listening to it I did not feel the pain in my stomach that has been plaguing me for several days. It's a 20-minute sound meditation with singing bowls, flutes and rainsticks.
It was nice to sit back and listen to it on a good stereo for the first time. I didn't have it on CD until today so I could only listen to it on my computer before. I had also never really listened to it consciously before except maybe right after we recorded it, which was about a year and a half ago, so it was quite new and fresh to me. I was surprised at how clean it sounded. It was also very interesting to feel the way different sounds washed over different parts of my body and to note the way my body received the sound- a good experience!

On that note I am going upstairs to put it on replay in my CD player and go to sleep to it. Meanwhile check out Dave's website and listen to that first track he has on there. I'm listening to it right now as I write this and it's great!