Sacred Sounds Revisited

Katurah Robinson, dancer, & Fred Johnson, vocalist (International Bazaar?)
In this moment I am sitting at my dining room table listening to a fantastic recording of a group of amazing and dedicated musicians and dancers who got together to raise money for the Sound Body Wholistic Health Center in 2007. This was the sound healing center that I had opened in St. Petersburg in 2005. Early in 2006, just as things were really getting off the ground I sustained a pretty serious head injury and was basically out of commission for about a year. The community did not want to lose the center which had become an oasis, so a core group of supporters put their heads and hearts together to keep it going. One of the things we did was to start a membership to the center which raised enough money to keep things going throughout that year but it was still a struggle, so in 2007 beautiful Jacqueline Connelly and her husband Kenny from the International Bazaar in Ybor City told me that they wanted to have a fundraiser for the center.

The International Bazaar was a huge space that sold items from around the world- clothing, gifts, jewelry, instruments and also hosted wonderful community events and had a great network... Jacqueline put together an amazing event with so many incredible musicians and performers from all over Tampa Bay- African musicians, dancers and drummers, jazz musicians, belly dancers, poets and my dear friend and colleague, sound healer, musician, awesome vocalist and the best MC ever, Fred Johnson

Ha, I didn't know what was on here. There are three CD's- one is missing. I am listening to the second one, just checking it out- and suddenly I am hearing myself speak with gratitude to all the people who made this event happen, who believed in the center, who experienced the healing power of sound. And now Carol Mitchell kicking butt with her amazing voice... "Let your little light shine, shine, shine." A group of us, seven women singing together, Sacred Voices- me, Carol Mitchell, Cathy Costa, Sharon McCord, Robin Hill, Jennifer Samuel-Chance and Penny Heffelfinger. I miss my singing friends so much. I miss our weekly gatherings at the center and all the singing we did together in other venues, on our own, in churches, in mosques- wherever there was a sacred space and an opportunity to come together with our voices and our hearts.
Sacred Voices- Katurah Robinson, Sharon McCord, Rosie Warburton, Robin Hill, Cathy Costa
at Unitarian Universalist Church, Clearwater, FL
Fundraiser for Haiti
I love where I am and I also miss my sound healing center and a place that is geared for having groups of people on a regular basis. I haven't quite figured out how to weave all that into this space. Listening to this CD is definitely an inspiration for me.