Tiptoeing Through the Tulips!

I slept really well last night and woke up here feeling like I had finally landed. When Paul saw me this morning he said, "Oh, you've arrived!" Yes, I've arrived.

We went to see tulips- fields and fields full of tulips, rows and rows- wide swatches of deep reds, brillliant yellow, pale pink, deep rose, mixes of swirling pink and white with pale green running through them. And so much more. Double orange, scarlet and yellow blossoms that were so intoxicatingly fragrant I thought I might just lay down in them and never get up, the way Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz in the field of poppies. The clouds were deep and dark but the sun kept shining through and hitting the edges of trees. At one point after walking through rows and rows of tulips we got back in the car and within a minute it started to hail. We didn't see it coming and made it just in time!

The sad part is that I have taken tons of pictures but can't seem to access them on my iPad to put them in this blog. There is no iPhoto on here which is what I use to upload them from my computer. I have no idea if there is a solution.
The most exciting sound I heard to day? Birds singing in the trees next to acres of tulips! I also heard some music by Ludivico Einaudi which was very beautiful and I am posting here. Enjoy!