David Crosby Got It Right- Music Is Love

Guest staying at Paul and Jane's plays the hang drum. Got a sweet video of him playing tonight. It's all about music here. Paul loves music- bought a sound table from me 15 years ago. They have a sound healing room set up here. The sound therapist guest was synchronicity- and he happens to know a ton about hang drums and who the best people are to buy them from.

Tonight we watched The Intouchables- what a wonderful brilliant funny movie with the most beautiful soundtrack- music by Ludovico Einaudi, whom I had never heard of until two days ago when Paul was playing his music for me as we drove past fields and fields of tulips.

Speaking of which- it is so frustrating that only my "camera roll" is on here (my iPad) with one photograph. I have no idea why my photo stream is not accessible from my blog. Grrrr....

Well, I can post a great scene from The Intouchables anyway- not music by Einaudi however!
Meanwhile more people are committing to the various workshops I am teaching and several people have expressed an interest in private sound healing sessions- including Claudiu, the sound therapist who is staying here.

Everyone who came yesterday had extremely powerful experiences from the workshop, one of whom really seemed to have gotten a glimpse of "Home". I saw him today and he said the experience was still with him, so he plans to set up a private session. He was totally blissed out when I saw him.  today. The beautiful thing is not only how quickly music can elicit a deep and profound change within us, but how that change can stay with us.

Everyone knows that music is love...