Days of Sound Beauty

A very musical day today. The first thing we did was go visit a handpan maker. Yes, that's right- handpan- what we in the states have been calling hang drums. They are not- I repeat, not- called hang drums. (I just found this out today.) And from what our new Rumanian friend, Claudiu says, he is one of the best makers of the pan in the world. He is also in such demand that he has closed out his waiting list. He lives less than 10 minutes from Paul and Jane! Paul and I brought Claudiu over there to pick up his pans that he had left there to be tuned and listened to both of them- a wide assortment of pans tuned to varying beautiful scales and tonalities. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

After we got back to the house Claudiu gave us a short concert and then several of us gathered for a Tensegrity class. After the class I gave a demo to one of the people who was there and then a full session to the person who had taught the class. Later on, Ralf, the hangpan maker, came by to drop off a couple more drums for Claudiu that he had tuned for him and played for us again, After that I gave him a short demo session as well.

I felt like I was immersed in sound pretty much from the minute I woke up today, and that was a good feeling!