Personal Sound Journey

This afternoon I lay down on the sofa in the living room at Paul and Jane's house in Hoogland and played one of the sound journeys I had recorded during the weekend workshop- actually the last sound journey from the end of the day on Sunday.
I had recorded it on my iPhone, so I lay down, turned it on and placed my iPhone on my chest. And then I went OUT! I didn't hear much of it because I was totally gone. At some point it ended and I woke up- I think it was about 39 minutes long. I couldn't move for the longest time. They are lucky when I play for them because they have me to bring them back- to remind them to come back to their breath- to breathe themselves back into their body, to begin to move and to stretch and to rub their hands briskly together warming up the palms and then rubbing them over their face, their eyes, their head, their neck and their heart. I didn't have anyone to tell me that- I knew what I needed to do but that wasn't enough... So I lay there, glued to the sofa for probably another 20 minutes before I began to revive.

Well, now I know even better why they like it so much! 
View from the sofa- I took it when I woke up. :-)