They Just Get Better!

I have had such a busy past two weeks that I have rarely been able to find the time to blog- and when I do it's late at night and I find myself falling asleep at the computer. Because of that, many nights I have simply opted out rather than drive myself into exhaustion.

It has been good. More sessions, last week's company and training, the holiday weekend which meant time with my son Nic and my grandson, working for my friend Lark today who was behind on jewelry orders- and tonight- a concert by David Crosby which was so excellent. As good as and better than ever!

That's the nice thing about musicians- they just keep getting better with age, unlike some other professions where you're better off quitting while you're ahead or before you make a total fool of yourself. And, as Dave Crosby said, "Music uplifts humanity." Yes, indeed.