No Two Alike

Kicking ass on my computer today! Working on creating a flyer and links to February workshops in Florida, thinking creatively and expansively... And trying not to be just the littlest bit nervous about hitting the road so soon again and wondering what I am going to do for a vehicle. Not so sure, after the last thrilling trip I took to FL in my Subaru, that I want a repeat performance. I have put so much money into my car in the last year that I would love to think that it is now like new, but I am not so sure about that theory.

Just listed two courses on CEBroker- Sound Healing for Massage Therapists and Intro to Healing with Toning, Tuning Forks, and Tibetan Bowls. One is a 12-hour class the weekend of Feb. 20-21 at Abundance Wellness Center in Tallahassee. The other is a six-hour class in Seminole at Yoga4All on February 26. Still have more to do but I feel like this is a good start.

No two bowl layouts are alike... I could say more about this... Or you could just come to one of the workshops! Just click on Upcoming Events and Workshops on the top menu...