Five Days Later

Once again- a post I started 5 days ago and didn't finish!

(Sunday- 2.28.16) Today is a day of rest. Sort of... Will have to spend some time organizing my stuff to hit the road and head back up to New England in a couple of days. It has been a fabulous trip- and unlike my last road trip down here in August, the car has held up really well. The success of my time on the road however is definitely leading me strongly to think about getting a bigger vehicle.
Last week was Tallahassee- two sound journeys two nights in a row, both with full attendance and a very well attended workshop. I am loving the new community I have connected with there- wonderful new friends that will be friends for life and I am so grateful.

(Continued- 3.3.16) This past week- Thursday night... Sarasota Sound Journey, a small but wonderful group- seeing some old friends and making some new friends and a great new connection with Dr. Deanine Picciano, the owner of the Wellness Center that hosted me. Friday I did a Sound Journey to a full house in Seminole and then a one-day workshop for healers and massage therapists.

Between events I laid low and only saw a couple of very dear friends whom I hadn't seen in a long time and that felt really good, attending to my energy in a way that was regenerative rather than draining for me. Oh, and I stayed in Lynn Carol and George Henderson's house of magic which is the most nurturing and inspiring environment I could ever dream of- in fact it is quite like being in a dream, the juxtaposition of fascinating objects and elements. I always love being there.
On Sunday I went down to Sarasota and saw my dear friend, Course in Miracles sound soul sister, awesome musician Callie Chappell, and another dear friend, Diana Daffner, whom I hadn't seen in at least five years and danced for 3 hours- so much fun and much needed!

Now, 5 days since I started writing this, I am at my friends Mahesh and Mukta's house in North Carolina, taking it slow and easy before I head back up north. Two trips in a row now I have had huge success. The bar has definitely been substantially raised as to what I can expect, intend and ask for in regards to my work. I stuck to my guns for a long time, persistently determined to do work that I love and believe in. It is finally paying off. More and more people are becoming aware of the power of sound and vibrational medicine and the missing pieces in conventional western medicine which treats symptoms rather than the whole person.

As I said in the beginning of this, my car has held up well- the "Check engine" light did go on the day before yesterday on my way here but it seems to be running fine so hopefully it's nothing I need to worry about til I get home! Fingers crossed. ;-)