My, My, They Sigh

I am feeling very excited today... inspired...

It is the beginning of summer and energy is busting wide open in and around me in all its myriad and magical forms... plants, flowers, birds, animals, guests, friends, family, physical energy, delicious foods, teaching, learning, cooking, playing outside, singing, dancing, playing music, living and loving and loving some more. My first Airbnb guests of the season came in yesterday- a wonderful couple who met each other in China 5 years ago. One is from the states, his partner from China and it is his first time in the states. They arrived in the USA five days ago. Life is good. I know I've said that before and I know I'm not the only one. There's a reason- because it is, at least in my world!

I have just been out working and playing in my garden. My mother was the Queen of the Garden. She did not force beauty- she gently and lovingly coaxed it to come forth and express itself. Below is a picture of her in her beautiful yard on a sunny summer day. My garden is just a square plot fenced in with chicken wire, mulched with lots of straw. Peas and garlic are going strong and I just planted carrots, golden beets and dill.

Gardening is not my second language, although I think it was probably my mother's first language! So I plod through my little plot and call on her frequently. I know she can hear me and, although I don't hear her voice, I trust she is guiding my hand and my footsteps when I am out there.
And here is a sweet sunny magical video of Donovan singing his beautiful "Sunny Goodge Street". Enjoy the sweetness.