Sound Fascination

Need to make this short and sweet- limited time on a free wifi server since I'm not at home. Actually am in Minneapolis right now visiting my kids and grandkids which makes me very happy! Plus my son Nic and my grandson Jonah flew out here so we are all together minus my son Ben who is tying together the last loose ends of his PhD. so he is done by Christmas.

My most interesting sound experience of late... Sitting at my desk at home, everything quiet, and I start hearing this weird little sound, like water running very quietly? It sounded like it was coming from the woodpile near the woodstove. Insects coming out of the wood? I nervously crept closer and closer to it, not having any idea what was in there. Finally I realized it was the sound of the wood drying out! It was a steady constant sound but so interesting and subtle, reminiscent of when you hear caterpillars chewing leaves in the woods. I felt like I had stepped into a different reality, to be able to hear so loudly this very small sound. I listened to it intently over the next two days. Okay, maybe that's a little odd but I was fascinated by the sound and by my ability to hear it.

Here is an interesting little piece on "enhanced hearing".