So Many Sounds, So Little Time!

Listening to some amazing bansuri flute player with Zakir Hussain- YouTube videos rolling one into the next on my tv, hooked up to my stereo system. I guess I'll just have to provide the video here! It's so beautiful.

A few years ago I moved into the house I am currently living in. I had been back in RI for a couple of years but still had all my stuff in storage in FL. It all came up on a truck, some personal belongings but mostly furnishings and sound healing equipment from my sound healing center  in FL. Included in that were a vibroacoustic body mat, vibroacoustic massage table and a vibroacoustic recliner- meaning that they have speakers built into them. When a person sits or lies on  vibroacoustic equipment and music is played, the sound is broadcast throughout the entire body. The only other equipment need is a CD player and an amp.

As it happened one of my CD players for the massage table wasn't working so I went on Craig's List to see what I could find. Someone was selling some components separately. All I needed was the CD player. I went to his house just a few miles away to pick it up. Cheap, I think it was $35, a simple Sony CD player. He also had a Yamaha amp and a pair of Polk Audio speakers. I think he was selling the amp for $35 and the pair of speakers for $75 or everything for $125. I didn't need the other stuff. I had several amps and no need for the speakers. I had a Bose Wave Radio/CD player that I was very happy with. He said, "Well let me just show you the rest of the components and you can hear how it sounds." He put on Dire Straits, "Walk of Life" and turned it way up. Who could resist that? Sold! My son hooked it up to my TV and that is what I am listening to the Zakir Hussein concert on. It's perfect.

But just in case you're in the mood for something completely different... here you go!