5 Exquisite Singing Bowls

I can't believe that after three years of not being able to upload videos from my computer to YouTube, it is so easy from my phone!
So here's what we have tonight- a few days ago I got a shipment of Himalayan singing bowls. This is a grouping of five of them that sound absolutely gorgeous together. I find myself haunted by the sound. Every time I walk by them I have to hear them and even thinking about them does something indescribable to my mind. I find them completely intoxicating.

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Sound Spiral

Very excited that I was able to easily upload videos from my iPhone to YouTube. Why can't I do that with my MacBookPro? Whatever...
I got some new Himalayan singing bowls yesterday and spent hours this afternoon and evening setting them up to create a visual and auditory spiral of sound.
In the second video I refined it a bit more by eliminating a couple of bowls.