Vibrational Healing With the Sound of Your Voice

We all have two powerful tools for healing- our hands and our voice. This May I will be teaching a workshop in which participants will learn to use their voice for personal transformation and as an application for healing others as well. We will learn toning and overtoning focusing on how to balance the bioenergetic system and do body scans with the voice, learn sacred mantras for transformation and healing and learn Sanskrit seed sounds, "bija mantras", for aligning and balancing the subtle body. We will also learn some simple and beautiful sacred songs and chants from a variety of traditions.
Giving my friend Ine a toning session in Holland, 2012
 This is simple powerful effective work that we can all do. You do not have to be a musician, you do not have to "know how to sing". (The good news is, you already do!)

I am excited to offer this workshop in my home where I have room for 2-4 people to stay. The rest will have to find other accommodations if they are not local. Before I opened my sound healing center in Florida I used to teach workshops out of my home. It was so wonderful during breaks to be able to keep the energy flowing between us all by gathering around the dining room table or outside and sharing food, stories, laughter and music together. Once again I have the perfect environment for this! It's been a while...

I do not have the link set up yet for people to sign up but it will be there soon.

No Two Alike

Kicking ass on my computer today! Working on creating a flyer and links to February workshops in Florida, thinking creatively and expansively... And trying not to be just the littlest bit nervous about hitting the road so soon again and wondering what I am going to do for a vehicle. Not so sure, after the last thrilling trip I took to FL in my Subaru, that I want a repeat performance. I have put so much money into my car in the last year that I would love to think that it is now like new, but I am not so sure about that theory.

Just listed two courses on CEBroker- Sound Healing for Massage Therapists and Intro to Healing with Toning, Tuning Forks, and Tibetan Bowls. One is a 12-hour class the weekend of Feb. 20-21 at Abundance Wellness Center in Tallahassee. The other is a six-hour class in Seminole at Yoga4All on February 26. Still have more to do but I feel like this is a good start.

No two bowl layouts are alike... I could say more about this... Or you could just come to one of the workshops! Just click on Upcoming Events and Workshops on the top menu...

Revisiting The Road, First Installment (My Own Healing Sound Journey)

Three and a half weeks ago I returned home from a trip that was supposed to be just over two weeks long. It turned out to be almost exactly one month. I didn't document it very well so, a little bit at a time, I will make an effort to fill in some of the gaps.

On July 28 I packed up my Subaru Outback with tuning forks, singing bowls and all my magical sound instruments and headed on down the road. I have to add that my car was running very well. (There's a reason I mentioned that which I'll get back to that in another installment!) I had a great, and easy, drive down. Google maps sidestepped all the heavily trafficked areas and I got there way ahead of schedule!

On August 1-2 I taught a workshop on Sound Healing with Toning, Tuning Forks and Tibetan Bowls at the office of my favorite Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. Soman Nadhan. The workshop was full, not only with local therapists but also four people from Tallahassee who had taken the 5 1/2 hour trek to St. Pete! The workshop was partially for massage therapists to get continuing education requirements to renew their license but my workshops are always open to anyone who would like to enhance their personal practice or their healing practice with sound, so the majority of the class were massage therapists but we also had a violinist whose husband is a sound healer and a vibrational healer who came with her best friend, a sound healing practitioner. It was really a great weekend. Everyone seemed very pleased with the content and the delivery- and we all had a great time together. Some of us, including me, made some great new friends!
Lydia Riedell, a very happy camper with two beautiful new (antique) bowls to add to her collection of sound healing tools.

5 Exquisite Singing Bowls

I can't believe that after three years of not being able to upload videos from my computer to YouTube, it is so easy from my phone!
So here's what we have tonight- a few days ago I got a shipment of Himalayan singing bowls. This is a grouping of five of them that sound absolutely gorgeous together. I find myself haunted by the sound. Every time I walk by them I have to hear them and even thinking about them does something indescribable to my mind. I find them completely intoxicating.

Click here to find out about the upcoming workshop on Toning, Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls on August 1-2 in St. Petersburg, FL.

Diverging Directions (All Roads Lead Home)

My mind is going a few different directions with what to write about tonight and I am also very focused on changing my blogging and sleeping pattern so my plan is to keep it short tonight.

One: Still enjoying the energy of the gathering of sweet friends here last week.

Two: My brother came by my house last night and gave me a beautiful new guitar that plays so sweetly. I feel like we have been friends forever and she is inspiring me to play better and try new things that I have never done before.
Three: Yesterday I wrote up the outline for my weekend workshop in Holland that I will be teaching on May 8-9. The course is Sound Healing for Balance and Joy. The realization for me was the same tools that will first serve by restoring balance are also the tools that will bring you joy- not the tools themselves but the effect of their use.

Sound Healing for Balance and Joy
A Two-Day Workshop utilizing Vocal Expression, Singing Bowls, and Tuning Forks

Sound Healing for Balance
Chakra Tones
Body Tuners (C & G Tuning forks)
Brain Tuners
Singing bowls

Sound Healing for Joy
Chakra Tones
Overtone singing
Body Tuners/Brain Tuners
Singing Bowls

The same tools that are used to bring balance and harmony to the nervous system and the mind-body-spirit can also elevate us to states of great joy. The first task is to clear away the clutter and excess chatter. Sound has the capacity to sidestep our left-brain linear thought processes and allow us to drop fully into the present without fear, projection or anxiety. Once we have arrived, we are in a place to access the fullness of our being.

This is a fully experiential workshop. We will immerse ourselves in sound, produced from within and without. What you will take from this are simple, accessible, powerful tools that can assist you in managing physical, mental and emotional pain so that you can tap into the true potential of your being.

“The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.”
Holland- 2012

Back In The Saddle Again!

A whirlwind of "soundy thoughts" going through my head. Spent so long working on my new flyer today that I actually thought I had blogged already!
I see some things that still need tweaking. More refinement when I am done with this short update...

Saturday, February 14, as well as being Valentine's Day, is also World Sound Healing Day, an event initiated by world renowned sound healer Jonathan Goldman in 2002. I am still feeling slightly disheveled in my new pad, even though it looks and feels great so I hadn't set up an event here to join in. I gratefully accepted an invitation to lead a chanting group in Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday morning where we will start off by toning the heart sound "AH" along with hundreds of thousands of other people across the globe who will be sending a Sonic Valentine to Mother Gaia. The global intention is to heal Mother Gaia, her waters and raise the consciousness of all beings on the planet. We will follow this with an hour or more of toning, chanting and kirtan.

I am so happy to be able to do this as we did it every year when I had the center and I have taken a couple of years off due to major life changes. I feel like I'm getting back in the saddle- and it's a saddle that feels like Home!

Several organizations are involved in measuring the effect of prayer, meditation and other spiritual activities on the electromagnetic field of the earth as well as the consciousness of her people by gathering statistics on the numbers of violent crime at specific times across the globe. To see some interesting information on this, click on this link:

1.15.11 Dream Frequencies

Last week I had a most amazing dream. I was at a hot springs- there were actually two springs side by side that each had man-made rectangular entrances that made them look like small pools- about 3' by 8'. But in fact, when you went into the water it opened up underneath into larger underwater pools, big enough that you couldn't see how far they extended. The water was very clear and light blue and ten to twelve feet deep. I was in the water briefly- underwater, looking around- but then realized there were some sea creatures in there that made me nervous so I decided to get out. There were squid, small, about a foot long but they would try to attach themselves to people or suck on them and even though they were actually friendly it creeped me out. Also the people I was with were a little too "new agey" for me so I was being pretty introverted and keeping to myself.

Each "pool" had a cover that could be pulled over the entrance when everyone left for the day and it was getting close to that time. I was sitting on steps going into the pool to the left and I began toning. It was almost like an entrance into an underground chamber only it went into the spring and I was curious how the tones and overtones would resonate into the entrance and in the water. They were getting ready to cover the entrances and in fact they did. I expressed my disappointment and someone remarked "Oh now that we're getting ready to go you're suddenly interested." I said yes, that I was curious how the overtones would sound in the chamber so they opened it back up and let me tone into it. I wondered what it would be like toning into the water and how the resonance in the entrance chamber would affect the surroundings and the sea creatures.

I begin toning again. To the left of me on the bank it is fairly muddy. I am toning and creating strong overtones and as I look around me I see that there is movement in the mud bank that is clearly caused by the overtones. As I continue toning and watching this area a small girl's face begins to emerge from the mud. I go over to her, continuing to tone. She is dead. She looks like she is about 4 years old, a very beautiful face, still covered with mud but her features are visible and her body emerges from the mud revealing the rest of her as I tone. She hasn't been dead for very long. Her body has not begun to decompose. I take her in my arms and as I continue toning I see two men in suits standing a ways off to the right, 12-15 feet away. Clearly they are "bad guys", the men who have killed her, and they move closer, smirking, as the girl begins to come back to life with the sound. They are silently telling me that I cannot beat them at their game. They are each holding an oblong object in one hand- a frequency generator. Nothing but a dark oval shaped object with one red button that fits comfortably in one hand.

I am not afraid of them. I am holding her in my arms and they are now standing over us, still smirking. They each push a button on their frequency generator and it emits a single frequency which I know is intended to kill the little girl once again. She is so beautiful. I am bent over her, holding her close to me, trying to protect her with my body as well as my voice from their sound, overtoning loudly, modulating the pitch trying to find the exact tone that will negate the frequency they are generating. But it doesn't work. She is dead, again, but this time with a beautiful broad smile on her face, a look of total happiness and peace. And I know that they did not win.