Testimonial by Duncan Laurie-artist, architect, radionics expert- www.duncanlaurie.com

“For a number of years I have been familiar with the design, technology and potential of sound bed technology. I have been fortunate enough to have known a number of inventors of these beds and also to have carried out my own research on one. However, I was completely surprised seeing Rosy’s unique combination of bowls, gongs, music, throat singing and gentle Reiki massage combined with an engineered sound table. I was also blown away by how incredibly effective her techniques were in inducing a deep hypnagogic trance. There is a lot more to this work than having good equipment and powerful sonic stimulation. The operator must be able to tune all these elements into the individual lying on the bed, for their benefit. What Rosy is able to do is provide an an extremely focused and transformative experience to the listener. When I arrived, I didn’t have a specific issue that needed addressing. I was mainly interested it experiencing Rosy’s approach, which I had heard so much about.

Rosy has a talent for selecting the best music, techniques and instruments for any given individual. More than a talent, I would say she is guided in her work by a higher power. I found myself easing into a progressively deeper state of internal awareness. At one point, the internalization process cracked open an awareness of being surrounded by familiar but invisible beings from a deeper strata of reality. The experience was profoundly moving and totally unexpected. Awareness and information passed into my consciousness of a deeply personal nature. Rosy’s use of the music and sounds kept sustaining the experience after short intervals. As the experience grew, so did the cathartic effect of confronting such deep feelings. In my experience with similar techniques, the capacity Rosy has to enter another persons world with such powerful content is very rare and special. I was expecting something pleasant but not an experience so deeply substantial. I highly recommend Rosy to anyone with a penchant for shamanic immersion and self-discovery.”

Duncan Laurie


Tuning Fork Treatments (Tuning Forks or Magic Wands?)

Since I reached 60 years of age I have had some arthritis, sciatica and tendonitis causing pain in my lower back and in my neck- hardly able to turn my head to the left or right. It was not agony, but it was constant chronic pain, debilitating both physically and mentally. Tendonitis was when I was 40 and had to give up tennis which I loved. I am now 90 years of age.

I have had several tuning fork treatments with Rosemary Warburton. I cannot believe the difference. My neck is fine and has been pain-free since my first treatment.  Ditto my back.

I call her tuning forks magic wands.

Maybe they are.

~Margarett M. Vernon~ 7.14.12


I have mixed emotions for the great news that you are returning home! First of all  I'm very happy for you! I know you have put so much energy and effort into your life of sound healing and creating such a wonderful space in both your home and the Sound Center. I thank you for that!
I thank you for your healing and support from both you and Henry.
I thank you for your healing energy, intentions, prayers and healing hands that have lifted me through and up in so many difficult times in my life.
I thank you for the wonderful hospitality of great food and dancing at the house.
I thank you for being so honest.
I thank you for your prayers and healing when I really needed it most.
And for you loving smiles, hugs, sparkling eyes and amazing sound journeys.
Thank you Rosie.
Thank you for being you.
 I love you. I will miss you.
 I will be coming to visit at some point and time.
The right time...
I love you! 
I also am now a current student at Eckerd College! Finally! 
This too is my time!
We talked about this so many times and I am here.
With all my love,

~Christy Aderhold~ 9.1.12


I just want to thank the people who made it to the sound journey and the workshop.  Though small in attendance, it was a big event and my heart is overflowing with gratitude towards you.  And I am totally appreciative and filled with love for my friend, Rosie.  Rosie Warburton filled the stage with instruments- tuning forks of all kinds- angel tuners that tinkled sound when struck, Tibetan bowls with every range of frequencies, rain makers, wave drums, chimes, crystal bowls, didgeridoo, flutes, whistles-  and filled the chapel with sound so pure and resonating that I could feel it while sitting on the Fellowship's porch waiting for late comers on Saturday night.  Sunday was filled with information about using sound to heal self and help others, each of us receiving a healing session from Rosie and then Dana and Paul gave a healing session to Rosie that she described as 'out of this world'.  Paul played a large crystal bowl while Dana sang beautiful tones that just swept Rosie away.  We have such talent among us that I hope we will share it together even when Rosie is unable to join us, (special hint to Dana and Paul here). I LOVE sound healing.

~Janis Sommers~ 7.17.12


When I was down you helped me through your ability with the vibrational healing and it was something you invited me to do when almost everyone on earth was rejecting me, so it meant a lot. It was a starting point. It was a delineation or a before and after mark. Through the years I alwaysd looked back as that as the beginning of the beginning for me to rejoin the human race.

~Bill Kelly~ 7.11.12


I gave my friend Betsy this session just one day after I had returned from a weekend of Nada Yoga with Yogi Amrit Desai and Bhagavan Das.  What was so extraordinary was that I had not told Betsy anything about my experience and the intention of that workshop. It seemed however as though she embodied the totality of our weekend in her experience which was completely blew me away! Everything we were being taught over the weekend she seemed to integrate in her experience and her being during this session.

My Experience with the Dance of Creation & Dissolution:  Shiva Nataraja

As I lay on the sound table with the heart opening rhythms of Jai Uttal vibrating through my body, Rosie was by my side energetically supporting me as I moved through this journey.  The experiences I had opened my awareness and understanding, shifted limiting energetic patterns, and gave me insight into Satya:  Truth.  

The following words explain as much as they can of what I experienced, but cannot encompass the wholeness of it.  I could feel my body energetically receiving the images, information and awarenesses in fully integrated form, as if a hologram was downloaded into my being, although I was able to view it in linear fashion.  

Lying on the table with my eyes closed, the form of Shiva as Nataraja danced into view.  I felt the energy, the movement, the creative life force flowing through the dance and out into manifestation.  As the dance continued, the universe was created, and desires were made manifest.  I saw, knew, understood that as I danced with Shiva/as Shiva, my deeply felt thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions came to be what I experienced as the 3-D material world.  I saw, knew, and understood that I had created every situation in my life through this dance.  Whatever I put energy into through my attention to it, became manifest.

In a brief instant I asked, “How do I then change the things I don’t like or want in my life?”  Very clearly, I was shown that as Shiva Nataraja put his foot down and came to stillness, everything dissolved back into pure consciousness, Purusha.  So it is in the stillness that the maya, the illusion of separation dissolves.  It was when Shiva lay down in stillness under the foot of his Beloved Kali, that Kali was able to stop and recognize Him as her Beloved.  The illusion dissolved.

And so it became clear that the opportunity in this lifetime in this moment is to consciously dance our dance of creation by choosing our thoughts, words, and actions to reflect the world we want to live in and then feel the reality, the truth of them in our bodies, dancing them into being.  If we want peace, then we must live peace.  When confronted with situations that are not what we want, we shift them by moving into the stillness, reconnecting with the oneness of pure consciousness, and merging our thoughts, feelings, words, attention and actions into our desired manifestation.

~Betsy Vaught~ 2.27.12


I had the unique opportunity to be treated by Rosie and to participate in a wonderful workshop that Rosie held at the Six Harmonies Traditional Wellness Clinic in Los Gatos, CA. As a licensed acupuncturist, I am familiar with the healing power of our body but Rosie’s treatment session was special. What an amazing feeling when the tuning fork sound encourages the bones to talk. It seemed like the bones needed to address their grievances: my right ankle broken at the age of 4 riding on my dad’s bike, my jaw complaining about the traumatic experiences to have four wisdom teeth taken out with brutal force… Once I acknowledged their grievance by remembering it again, painful throbbing sensation disappeared and the sound seems to travel through the bones without interruption. After learning more about tuning forks from Rosie, I use them now as an adjunctive modality with my own clients who have had wonderful experiences as well. Thanks again Rosie to introduce me to the powerful modality of sound healing. Always with Gratitude, Yvonne Edler-Guettaf

~Yvonne Edler-Guettaf~ 11.4.11


I received this a few days after a tuning fork workshop by a participant who had an extraordinary healing of skin cancer, visible to all, during the two days of the workshop.  He wishes to remain anonymous. 
Again, nothing but praise and thanks to you for this workshop on Sound Healing Therapy that finished up just yesterday. My experience was very positive.
Everyone in our class saw with their own eyes that the skin cancer on my nose began shrinking -- and looked greatly improved-heading-toward-being-healed -- during that second day of your class.
The healing began with the C and G tuning protocol that you performed on everyone of us early in the first day of the class. And then it continued with the Biosonic tuning fork treatment that Jody, a fellow student, performed on me during day number one.
And then early on the second day Cheryl, also a fellow student, mentioned the healing effects regarding cancer of the Tibetan bowls.
Almost immediately you jumped up and took me into the next room where the bowls are kept and invited me to "find" the one that I felt would help me.  Quickly I found "my bowl." [He actually asked me, when he heard this, where he could get one of these bowls. I had many of them in the next room]
I used it almost continually from then on. I think everyone probably enjoyed the beautiful sound that the bowl made each time I tapped it with the special "mallet."
From then on the healing of the skin cancer proceeded more rapidly and very noticeably.  Everyone in the class saw it.  Some had tears in their eyes as they express their thrill at seeing my healing. 
Needless to say I'm also thrilled.
I cannot say today that this skin cancer is totally gone yet. But the above that I've related is exactly what I experienced and everyone -- including yourself -- witnessed this.
Also I want to mention that  I am a different man today -- and will remain such into the indefinite future -- from having experienced your course and your healing touch. 
You asked me at the beginning of the second day to share with the class what the treatment that the entire class had performed on me  did for me. I will repeat my answer here:  My answer: "Two words: Universal Bonding."
And also I related that there had also been a shift within me. I've always tended to get agitated very easily. But what I now notice is that if I do get agitated that I can let it go virtually "instantly."
Already today I've shared this with a friend who needs the exact same "ability." We cannot make people not say or do things that could get on our nerves. But now I have the ability to keep my inner peace regardless of perceived negative input. This is priceless.
Thank you, Rosie.
~R.C., LMT~ 4.11.11

This came from a woman who attended a sound journey performed together by my partner Henry and I a couple of years ago...
Hello Rosie and Henry!
I took your advice last night to experience the journey as a shamanic journey rather than a meditation. I also set an intention that had to do with getting clarity in my love life.  I didn't have any expectations about what the journey would look like nor preconceived answers.
I started seeing animals after a bit.  The first one was a Phoenix bird rising up from the ashes.  I knew I was that bird.  I felt powerful and confident and ready to fly straight up like a rocket.  This is not an image or myth that I think about often so it really surprised me.
The next one was an otter and I knew that represented my boyfriend whom is not being faithful.  I felt happy with the otter spirit and image.  I went home and read the Sam's and Carson Medicene Book.  While it did indeed describe my friend, I also felt that it was giving guidance that I need for myself at this time.
The next animal was a buffalo.  I thought it was representing something about a potential mate and I was disappointed, but when I read about its animal medicene, I was elated.  It has to do with abundance, prayer, and bringing peace and calm.
The final animal was a seal.  This surprised me and I had no idea what the totem power was for seals.  I did not associate this seal with any person.  I found an explanation of seal energy on a shamanism website.  It is an awesome energy and I believe I am supposed to work with "seal energy" and call her in to my spirit. 
I came to the session quite fatigued from a hard work week and emotional stress.  But when I left, I felt refreshed and energized.  And, of course, am excited to see how I will transforming as i leave my ashes.
Thank you both for coming again to Yoga 4 All and sharing your passion, talents, instruments, and caring. 
~Barbara Johnson~  9.18.10