Healing Sound Journeys


The Sound Journey Experience

I began doing Healing Sound Journeys in the mid-nineties as an introduction to my sound healing workshops.  I felt that it was more helpful for participants to start off by experiencing a variety of instruments, discovering for themselves how the sounds affected them and what they most resonated with, rather than having me give a discourse on the particular instruments and some of the ways they might affect us. Some of the instruments, such as singing bowls and tuning forks, have very specific effects on the physical body- the brain, the endocrine system and the nervous system in particular- that can be talked about and understood, but we are all individual and unique vibrational beings. We are changing every moment, so we will always respond to sounds, music and vibration in our own unique way at any given time. Opening the workshop with a sound journey paves the way for a real dialogue and a practical place from which to deepen one's understanding of the effects and benefits of healing through music and frequency.

Some of the instruments used are Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, flutes, percussion instruments, gongs, didgeridoos and more.  The combinations of instruments create rich harmonics and the layering of tones, rhythms and frequencies create a magical and deeply relaxing soundscape that often have a profound effect on the listener.

I quickly began to see that these short meditations had a more profound effect than I could have imagined. It wasn't long before they began to take a life of their own and evolved into a sound healing experience unto themselves.  The fifteen-minute meditation expanded into an hour long sound healing event, after which people have often reported healings on different levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual- as well as visionary experiences and journeys into altered or heightened states of consciousness. It was clear that the word "meditation" did not really describe the experience- the description of a "journey" was so often talked about that I adopted the descriptive phrase "Healing Sound Journey".

Rosemary Warburton

~What is a Healing Sound?~

Making any sound with a loving intention will produce a healing effect.

The sound of the simple little 4-hole flute with vibrato talking to the didgeridoo of love brings a healing.

The sounds of love and healing.

Perfect rhythm or perfect pitch is not necessary. Only the intention of pure love is necessary to produce a healing.

It sometimes happens that a Sound Journey will produce profound effects. Remember, always remember, whatever the experience is, we are here together. We are all connected together, and we are all helping each other. And we are all truly subjects of love. Love is always free flowing among us and between us and through us. Love is everywhere at all times and no times. Within without, surrounding all of us, all of who we are.

What is a Healing Sound? That’s easy: it’s a sound you hear with your heart. It sounds like Love. And in fact it is in every sound. It is only more or less perceived. But it is there--in sound always!!

And the question What’s that sound? Becomes the statement--Feel that sound!!

We are frequency.

Henry Steffes Jr

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Photos from Sound Journey in the woods, Women's Oncology Retreat, Exeter, RI- Summer 2015

Photos from Sound Journey in the woods, Women's Oncology Retreat, Exeter, RI- Summer 2015