This is a partial list of workshops taught by Rosie Warburton. Most workshops can be modified in terms of hours and subject matter, less or more to fit your needs or the needs of a particular group. If you are interested in taking a course that is not currently listed in the Upcoming Events or would like to host a workshop at your venue, please contact Rosie Warburton at or call 727.479.9916.

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For a great 3-minute video on the benefits of sound therapy and why it is so helpful click on this link: Mitchell Gaynor, Road to Recovery

A 4-hour Introductory Workshop

Learn the fundamental theory of sound healing and how frequency affects the body on a cellular level. This workshop will provide you with a foundation and simple sound tools that you can easily incorporate into a personal spiritual practice or professional healing practice.

Explore the healing power of your own voice through toning, chanting and mantras.

Discover the Otto 128 tuning fork- a simple, yet powerful healing tool which corresponds to the frequency of nitric oxide in the body to enhance the relaxation response and reduce pain and inflammation. May be used on trigger points, acupressure points, muscle attachments.

Experience the calming effects of Himalayan singing bowls. These ancient metal bowls balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain inducing a natural meditative state which allows the nervous system to restore and replenish itself.

A variety of tuning forks and singing bowls will be available for purchase at the workshop.

~12 hands-on classroom CEUs for FL LMTs- CE Broker tracking #20-177851.
This workshop provides an overview of Sound Healing for massage therapists and anyone seeking to gain a greater understanding of sound as a tool for personal growth and transformation.

Learn the underlying concepts of Sound Healing and how this modality can benefit your clients and assist your personal practice.

Some of the topics explored will be: healing music, toning, BioSonic Repatterning with tuning forks, VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy, the use of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Sanskrit bija mantras (seed sounds) for energy balancing.

Discover how sound can be used for energy balancing, stress reduction and pain relief. All students will have an opportunity to give and receive sessions using sound as a complement to their own area of expertise. The goal is for each student to come away with practical knowledge that you can apply to your personal practice or any type of a healing practice. The course is for massage therapists and healers of all levels. You do not have to have any musical knowledge to learn and benefit from this course.

~12 hands-on classroom CEUs for FL LMTs- CE Broker tracking #20-545779.~

An experiential workshop teaching simple protocols and the benefits of the use of Pythagorean Tuning Forks as a non-invasive complementary therapy to massage and other healing modalities. You will gain enough theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to immediately integrate this simple and effective tool into your practice. For massage therapists, integrating tuning forks into your practice can save wear and tear on your body, making your work easier and more effective.

Day One introduces a variety of Pythagorean Tuning Forks including Body Tuners, Otto (Osteopathic) Tuners, and Brain Tuners. Enhance your personal practice, discover new ways of releasing pain while balancing and harmonizing the natural energy flow of the body.

Day Two, Advanced Practicum- BioSonic Repatterning- a simple powerful protocol using the Solar Harmonic Spectrum tuning forks for re-balancing the nervous system, pain management, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and enhancing the relaxation response. Tuning forks, books and CDs available for purchase at the workshop.

Deepen your sonic healing practice using Fibonacci Tuners, Brain Tuners and auricular therapy techniques. Also learn about creating personal soundscapes for your clients with tuning forks.

~12 "hands-on" CEU's for FL LMTs. CE Broker Tracking #20-303280~
Learn how Tibetan (or Himalayan) singing bowls may be used on or off the body to induce deep relaxation and relieve physical and emotional pain. Singing bowls have the physiological effect of balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain, inducing a meditative state, engaging the parasympathetic nervous system and increasing the production of melatonin and seratonin. Tibetan singing bowls have been found to be helpful in dealing with the effects of chemotherapy, as well as depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other stress-related autoimmune disorders. You will learn how to effectively integrate these ancient sound healing tools into both your personal practice, and/or your professional healing practice.

There will be a large assortment of singing bowls for sale at the workshop.

HYDROSONIC THERAPY- The Beneficial Applications of Sound and Water
12 hands-on classroom CEUs for FL LMTs- CE Broker tracking #: 20-608581
In this workshop you will be introduced to two different modalities- Aquatic Therapy and Himalayan Singing Bowls- which, when combined, have a powerful effect on the recipient. We will explore the synergistic relationship between water, sound waves and the physical body. It has been well documented that simply floating in water, especially when supported either by flotation devices or a therapist, facilitates muscle relaxation and increases peripheral circulation. The reduction of gravitational forces allows deep relaxation and quiets the sympathetic nervous system, slowing the pulse and the heart rate and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

The sonorous resonance of Himalayan singing bowls create the perfect combination of tones and frequencies to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. They also produce a “beat frequency” which entrains the brainwaves to a deep theta state associated with deep relaxation and meditation. The frequencies of the bowls stimulate the release of endorphins and endocannabinoids, boosting the immune system and providing relief from physical and emotional pain and trauma.

When a person is floating in water and the bowls are played in the water at the same time there is an even more powerful response. Sound travels 2-5 times more quickly through water and because the body is 60-70% water and is close to the same density and elasticity it feels more of the sound. These factors combine to offer a profound experience of deep relaxation, pain relief, improved mobility, release of trauma that has been stored in the body, emotional integration and deep meditation.

6 hands-on classroom CEUs for FL LMTs- CE Broker Tracking #20-512847
Sound vibration is a marvelous and simple way of re-tuning the body, restoring balance and harmony. The voice is a built-in tool for healing and transformation. Through Vocal Toning we can energize and balance the chakras and the physical body. Tuning forks help re-balance the nervous system, manage pain, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and enhance the relaxation response. The combination of tones from Tibetan Singing Bowls balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, facilitating states of deep relaxation and meditation creating an ideal environment for deep healing on all levels. In this introductory level workshop you will experience the benefits of these tools and learn how they can be used for personal growth and transformation as well as how they can be incorporated into any type of a healing practice.

Tuning forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls will be available for use and purchase at the workshop. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

SANSKRIT SEED SOUNDS, MANTRAS AND KIRTAN: A Two-Part Workshop on the Architecture of Mantras and Kirtan
The 50 seed sounds, or bijas, that make up the sacred Sanskrit alphabet are the building blocks to all mantras. Mantras are the foundation of kirtan, the devotional call-and-response chanting which is one of the primary practices of bhakti yoga, the path to union with God by way of the heart.

Sanskrit is an energetic language. Each bija carries its own particular and specific vibrational quality. Through chanting the bijas, either by themselves or combined as mantras, these qualities within us are imbued and strengthened. When we chant the names of the many names of God in Sanskrit, we are actually vibrating the essential qualities of that deity within ourselves. This is the real power of chanting and what makes it such a powerful practice.

Both days will begin by chanting the Sanskrit alphabet- the “varnamala”, or garland of letters- which stimulates and balances the 7 major chakras, all areas of the brain, and the 72,000 nadis (subtle energy channels) that run through the body. You will also learn the primary seed sound of each chakra. From here we will begin to understand the sounds and vibratory essence that form simple mantras. And finally, put these mantras together with melody for our kirtan, celebrating the Divine. We will have 60 minutes for kirtan at the end of each session.

3 unique and simple processes for strengthening and harmonizing the chakras:
Toning- Chant simple vowels sounds which align and balance the 7 major chakras
Bija Mantras (Sanskrit Seed Sounds)-
Learn the 6 primary seed sounds for activating and balancing the chakras
5 Seed Syllables of the Warrior Mind-a powerful practice from the ancient Tibetan Bon tradition which dispels fear and creates, supports and nurtures positive energy.