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Sounding in the Key of Love- Newport, RI

  • Zettmar Studio (Congregational Church, upstairs) 73 Pelham St., Newport, RI 02840 (map)

This special event expands on the theme of Valentine’s Day and World Sound Healing Day, both on February 14. We will open with some simple chants and toning to connect and open more deeply into the heart center, the “anahata chakra”. Rosie Warburton will then play the ethereal “Cosmic Ray” singing bowls, koshi chimes, gongs, flutes, dolphin bowls and other instruments that connect directly with the heart. For those who wish we will be offering refreshments after the Sound Journey- chocolate, the food of love!

The Healing Sound Journey is a nurturing and deeply restorative immersion into the waves of sound produced by sacred healing instruments which have the ability to pierce through the layers of internal chatter and the restlessness of the mind. When combined with personal intention and sensitivity of the practitioner they can assist us in releasing mental and emotional blockages, dropping into a state of profound peace and producing healing on all levels. Rosie is continually refining her Healing Sound Journeys and steadily adding to her collection of healing instruments. No two experiences are alike!

Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a blanket and pillow for extra comfort. Yoga mats will be provided.

Space Limited- please preregister!
$20 in advance, $25 door

Clear quartz and iridescent Cosmic Ray crystal singing bowls

Clear quartz and iridescent Cosmic Ray crystal singing bowls