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Vocal Techniques for Empowerment, Balance and Transformation- Newport, RI

  • Zettmar Studio (Congregational Church- upstairs) 73 Pelham Street Newport, RI 02840 (map)

$40 in advance, $45 door

Learn three distinct and powerful techniques for attunement. alignment and energy balancing. These are tools for deep personal transformation, some of which may be also incorporated into a healing practice. All three techniques are connected with the chakras and produce greater clarity of mind, heightened awareness and facilitate an expanded consciousness.

  • Toning- Vocalizing extended vowel sounds has many benefits, both physical and emotional. It is a remarkable practice for balancing energy and tuning your chakras, as well as personal empowerment. It can also be used as an extremely effective healing tool for physical ailments.

  • Bija Mantras (Sanskrit Seed Sounds)- Learn the 6 primary seed sounds for activating and balancing the chakras. Each of the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet are represented on the individual petals of the chakras. Every chakra has a primary “bija” mantra at the center of the lotus which when chanted aloud activates the energy of the chakra to purify and balance the mind.

  • 5 Seed Syllables of the Warrior Mind- This is a powerful practice derived from the ancient Tibetan Bön tradition. The 5 seed syllables are called warriors because they are said to have the power to control and overcome negative emotions, problems, and dilemmas that we face in our daily life. They dispel fear and cultivate positive energy and confidence and allow us to bring that energy into immediate manifestation.

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