12.8.10 The Perfect Moment

On Sunday I gave a concert at the Unity Church up the street from my sound healing center. The theme was "The Coming of the Light"- a musical representation of the dawning of the Christ Mind- primarily using gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and Tibetan bells. It started with deep low tones with a very large crystal bowl, a gong, thunder drum and didgeridoo and gradually progressed to lighter and brighter sounds using the smaller bowls, bells and chimes.

It was a spontaneous creation, w
ell thought out but mostly unrehearsed and clearly something that would never be played the same way twice. I felt it was coming together very nicely and I was quite happy with the unfoldment as I played- but there was one moment that completely took my breath away. It was a very quiet. I was playing one small Tibetan singing bowl with a little bit of water in it, with a violin bow. When I play it that way it makes a beautiful high-pitched sort of mewing sound with extremely high overtones and it is a very captivating sound.

The audience was quiet, not another sound in the room but the high haunting tones of that bowl and suddenly a woman in the audience let out a tiny audible sigh of the utmost pleasure, as if the sound that she heard in that moment was the most beautiful sound she had ever heard in her life, like her whole being had just suddenly melted.

And the sound of her voice surpassed the beauty of any sound that had come before in its utter and exquisite expression of joy.