1.13.11 Sound Adjustment

One morning last week Henry and I were sitting in bed having coffee. I had kind of a crick in my neck and was some what uncomfortable not having much range of motion when I turned my head to the left. For whatever reason I suddenly remembered how when I was little, about 5, that when I would get sent upstairs to take a nap I would stand on my bed with my blanket over my shoulders and shout over and over, "When can I get up? When can I get up?" I would repeat it very rhythmically and loudly and really I wasn't unhappy at all. I just didn't want to take a nap! Eventually I would tire of it and wrap my blanket all around me like a cocoon and lay down on my bed and fall asleep. I told Henry about it and began laughing and said, "That was my first chant!" I began repeating it again just like I did when I was little and suddenly my neck adjusted and I had no more pain! Once again, healed by chanting!