2.28.11 Tambouras and Headphones!

A few days ago I wrote about about my experience with headphones and how generally these days I tend to stay away from them, as well as an including a really interesting article from the New York Times. The same day I ended up having a really interesting experience.

My friend Rob Pieniak came over to the center that afternoon to record some stuff with me. I was playing the tamboura and had it tuned so that the dominant tone was a B instead of the usual C# which I tend to play it in. Rob recorded me playing the tamboura for about 7 minutes. Tuning the tamboura down just that much created a very deep rich resonance in the lowest string. After he had recorded it I put the headphones while he played it back and I chanted along with it. The resonance of the tamboura and the steady entrainment of the rhythm was so powerful- it was amazing listening to it through the headphones. I could feeling the tone moving down inside of me, especially in my chest, resonating deeply within my body. It brought me into a very blissful state!