Wholistic Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Lately I have been giving a lot of sound healing sessions with Tibetan (or Himalayan) singing bowls. They are called singing bowls because of their harmonic resonances and also because when you strike them the tone continues to ring long after they are struck. I have discovered through giving individuals sessions that the bowls seem to have an intelligence of their own and they actually seem to communicate how they should be arranged and played, as well as what bowls to pick for a given session. I am finding that there are different layouts or "spreads" that direct the sound energy in different patterns and directions. So far no two have been the same.

A couple of weeks ago I gave a friend a session with the bowls. Before she came I had already picked out a chakra set because I knew she was going to have a session with the bowls- she didn't know until she got there, but I had already been guided as to the beginning of the session. Once she lay down on the mat other bowls began calling to me and I put them around her as I was directed. I was astounded that each bowl I picked was in perfect harmony with the others even though I didn't try them or play any of them in advance.

After I felt that the layout was complete I began playing the bowls. What I began to sense as I played was that the layout was a Sun/Moon Spread, that it was assisting in balancing her male and female energies. In the beginning the layout looked like this.

Toward the end of the session, maybe after 20-25 minutes I was guided to begin changing the layout of the bowls. I began moving them and was directed very specifically where to place each bowl and soon discovered that the energy of the bowls was being directed very strongly to the heart, and clearly going in toward the heart. The sound was traveling up from the bottoms of her feet, through her legs and into the heart. And from the fingertips up through the arms and into the heart... in through the shoulders and into the heart, and also straight up from the root and straight down from the top of the head meeting in the heart as well. It looked like this.

It was incredibly beautiful and powerful and the sound of the bowls was extraordinary. I felt like the sound energy wanted to go to her heart. When the session was over I did not move the bowls away from her as I usually do because I wanted to share with her what I had witnessed and I felt she would better understand if she saw the layout of the bowls and the shift from the first part of the session to the second.

But before I shared with her I asked her about her experience. The only thing I said was "The sound all wanted to go to your heart." When I said that she began weeping. And then she told me that what she experienced was all these orbs surrounding her, these little spheres that were totally full of love and they all began moving into her. She said they were all her "buds", her friends and they were all part of her and then they all went into her heart and they were just hanging out there, in her heart. And she just wept. And so did I.

This is the last few minutes of the session, when I began changing the layout of the bowls. This is what it sounded like.