Adrian Belew Interview

This is an extremely interesting interview with Adrian Belew, the brilliant guitarist who has played with some of my absolute favorite bands of all time- King Crimson, Dave Bowie, Frank Zappa and the Talking Heads- and no doubt many many more. I love this though because he talks about all these bands that were part of my formative musical background. And all of this music had such a huge influence on me, literally a lifeline during really tumultuous times.

Before I went away to boarding school my brother gave me a KLH stereo and every day I would come home, or go to my dorm in school and lay down on the floor with my head between the speakers and let the music take me away. That music was so full, so rich, so subtle and so powerful and I see how much I have taken from it in my Sound Journeys- the ability to combine sounds that take the listener to a different realm. I really never thought about it in that way until tonight.