Tuning Mom

Well, again Mom has had profound results from the tuning forks and I realize I need to be writing about this and keeping track because the results are so dramatic and consistent.

For those who have not read my posts from early last year my mother is 90 years. She is very "with it" mentally, but she does have pretty bad arthritis. Typically a lot of pain in her neck, her hips and her hands. Her mobility is thus somewhat compromised- she uses a walker and after a lifetime of needlework and gardening her fingers have become very stiff and she has lost a lot of the sensitivity that she had in her fingers so it is hard for her to pick things up and to do things that require manual dexterity. 

I began giving her treatments with tuning forks a couple of years ago and she responded really well to them so we have been working with them more and more.  The results are very fast.  

Last week I used the Otto 128 (cycles per second) on her hands- the wrists, joints, and fingertips. She told me the next day that her hands felt much better and she called me three days after that to say that she couldn't get over how much better her hands still were after the treatment.

Today I came to visit and tonight after dinner we were sitting at the table and she complained about a lot of pain in her right hip and butt cheek. I decided to work on her right where she was- sitting in her chair.  I used the Otto 64 on the points that I could get to- no specific protocol, just basically where it hurt and where I could get to with her sitting in the chair. Then I switched to the Otto 128 and did the same thing but also used it on the outside of the right thigh, basically following the gall bladder meridian. I got to one spot and she said all of a sudden her butt was hurting again- I told her I thought it was referred pain and that I also felt that something was clearing and wanting to stay with it a couple more minutes. 

Then I told her that I would work on her some more when she went to bed so that I could work on her with her lying on her side. She decided to go up shortly after that. I told her to let me know when she was ready to get in bed and I would come up. She called down the stairs about ten minutes later and said that the pain in her hip was completely gone! She was astounded- as was I and my sister Miranda who is also here for a visit. I used the otto 128 on her hands after she got in bed but she had no other complaints. Can't wait to see how she's feeling in the morning!