Midnight Meditation

I am sitting in my cabin, in my bed, listening to the outdoor sounds-  mostly the steady sound of insects. More than one kind I would say.  Occasionally an airplane... cars off in the distance.  And very quietly behind it all the steady sound of the ocean. I close my eyes and the sounds are hypnotic, grabbing my awareness.  This will be my midnight meditation tonight and perhaps my lullaby. I feel the sounds move through my body if I am very quiet. The clicking on my keyboard pulls me out of the kinesthetic experience of the  sound. I stop and close my eyes again and feel myself drifting into the rhythm of the repetitive choruses of the crickets and other insects. I can hear at least three different groups of them, each with a different frequency and rate at which they repeat their song.  I think of Jim Wilson and his beautiful recording of God's Cricket Chorus, a recording of crickets slowed down to match the lifespan of a human. Their sound is transformed to what could easily be a choir of angels singing celestial harmonies.