Revelation of the Heart

This morning I read a  line from the book Little Bee by Chris Cleave. "The dreams of my country are no different from yours- they are as big as the human heart." It lead me to thinking about the heart. I envisioned the energy of the heart as it expands from the physical heart.  The HeartMath Institute and other scientific researchers have measured the electromagnetic frequency of the heart and found that its energy expands several feet beyond the body, far more than any other organ including the brain.  What came to me is that the energy of the heart is not actually expanding.  It is an all-encompassing energy, the Heart of who and what we are- and that it is compressed, condensed into the form of the physical heart.  What we truly are IS the All-Encompassing Heart of Love.

As Gregg Braden explains very succinctly in the following video is that the first spark of life happens in the heart- it is the first organ to develop and the heart sends signals to the brain- not the other way around. Click here to watch.