The Road to Recovery with Dr. Mitchell Gaynor: Sound Healing

This is such an important video! Hooray to Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, oncologist, who has realized the importance of sound for facilitating healing and is bringing it to the awareness of the Western medical community. At last! At last! This is only the beginning of so much important information that is coming to light.

This is a testimonial from someone in a workshop I taught who had a healing that we all witnessed- a dramatic change in his skin cancer in literally a 24 hour period. It was profound. (He did request that he remain anonymous for his own reasons...)

Hi, Rosie,
Again, nothing but praise and thanks to you for this workshop on Sound Healing Therapy that finished up just yesterday.
My experience was very positive.
Everyone in our class saw with their own eyes that the skin cancer on my nose began shrinking -- and looked greatly improved-heading-toward-being-healed -- during that second day of your class.
The healing began with the C and G tuning protocol that you performed on everyone of us early in the first day of the class. And then it continued with the Biosonic tuning fork treatment that Jody, a fellow student, performed on me during day number one.
And then early on the second day Cheryl, also a fellow student, mentioned the healing effects regarding cancer of the Tibetan bowls.
Almost immediately you jumped up and took me into the next room where the bowls are kept and invited me to "find" the one that I felt would help me.  Quickly I found "my bowl."
I used it almost continually from then on. I think everyone probably enjoyed the beautiful sound that the bowl made each time I tapped it with the special "mallet."
From then on the healing of the skin cancer proceeded more rapidly and very noticeably.  Everyone in the class saw it.  Some had tears in their eyes as they express their thrill at seeing my healing. 
Needless to say I'm also thrilled.
I cannot say today that this skin cancer is totally gone yet. But the above that I've related is exactly what I experienced and everyone -- including yourself -- witnessed this.
Also I want to mention that  I am a different man today -- and will remain such into the indefinite future -- from having experienced your course and your healing touch. 
You asked me at the beginning of the second day to share with the class what the treatment that the entire class had performed on me  did for me. I will repeat my answer here:
My answer: "Two words: Universal Bonding."
And also I related that there had also been a shift within me. I've always tended to get agitated very easily. But what I now notice is that if I do get agitated that I can let it go virtually "instantly."
Already today I've shared this with a friend who needs the exact same "ability." We cannot make people not say or do things that could get on our nerves. But now I have the ability to keep my inner peace regardless of perceived negative input. This is priceless.
Thank you, Rosie.
[anonymous] LMT