A Life of Miracles

A few years ago, when the movie "The Secret" came out, a group of us got together at my sound healing center in Florida and watched it together and then stayed for a few hours to make vision boards. I created a vision board that I have always felt represented the essence of who I am on all levels- from the physical to the spiritual. In fact I discovered after I had completed it that it was almost like a road map- at the left hand bottom corner was "Walking the Earth Path". Moving diagonally up and toward the right, in the center of the collage was "Journeys to the Self" and continuing toward the upper right was the section entitled "Journey to the Heart of God". I also found a poem in one section as I looked at the clippings of words that I had included. This was not planned. It goes like this:

     I am the dreamer,
     Arise and shine
     Fully human, fully divine
     O thou invisible spirit!
     Awaken my world
     A life of miracles
     Beyond bliss...

That is my life. That is who I am.

Recently I found a frame for it and today I have finally hung it on the wall. Someone said to me not long ago that I could revisit who I was at the time I made it, but I truly feel that I went into my core when I made it- into my heart and my soul and that it represents the Truth of Who I AM. The reason I decided to hang it where I can see it every day is because I am now engaged in looking for the perfect place to live- a place that I can call my home and not feel like it is a temporary fix until I find THE place. 

It is time for me to have a place where I can live and do the work that I love unencumbered by lack of space and/or any other constraints that could limit my self-expression. If I have that then the only self-limiting constraint I have is me and my own mind!