Brain Tuner Experiment

Commitment and practice renewed. Yesterday I sat down at my harmonium for the first time in about 6 weeks, maybe more. I moved October 1st so I spent the two weeks leading up to that point packing and the last four weeks UNpacking! So good to sit and play music, so good to sit and write, so good to sit and sing. So nice to build a fire! So wonderful to have SPACE! So fantastic to have all my sound healing equipment, art and instruments in one space. Beyond fabulous to have a place where I can have company, space for my kids and their families visit and to work. It is all good- in this case that is not a cliche!

 This is pretty cool! A couple of days ago I decided to use my brain tuners before I did my Lumosity workout (games to exercise the brain) to see if they would make a difference. I used the Beta tuners for clarity and focus. On two out of three of the exercises I scored significantly higher. The other one was pretty much the same as usual. I don't remember what the third game was for- maybe it was short term memory! Interesting experiment anyway- I will definitely play some more with the combination of tuning forks and Lumosity and see if the results hold up.

To learn more about Brain Tuners visit John Beaulieu's website: You may also want to read through some of these blogposts for more information on use of tuning forks. The third one has a very interesting video testimonial (short!)