Moving Forward! (Shift Happens)

By Rosie Warburton

Okay, this is a really interesting challenge today- my internet is down and I am writing on my iPhone! Editing will be sparse. That being said, stuck in the quagmire of a nonfunctional internet server, how to get unstuck and move forward? Work with what you've got, right?

The truth is that there was no way I was going to allow this little glitch to cause me to fail today. To some people blogging every day may be a no-brainer. I am not one of those people to whom discipline and consistency come naturally. So, maybe the easiest way to become unstuck is not to allow yourself to get stuck in the first place. Does that statement sound like a cop-out? Not sure. It could be but that's kind of where I'm at right now. If I don't get stuck I don't need to dig myself out.

Then there is the consideration, if one is really and truly feeling stuck, of changing one's perception. Am I really stuck or am I just beating myself up and not looking at the positive actions- the small things- that I am in fact doing that are benefitting myself, others, my work, my health, whatever.

And then there is the third possibility. I'm stuck. No matter what I do it seems there are just too many obstacles, challenges, barriers, dead air, dead weight. What now? Stop. Ask yourself, why am I doing this? What is it for? Is there a message here? Is it really me who is stuck or is there something going on energetically that maybe has nothing to do with me? If it is me- I am in a rut- well, how can I change what I am doing? Is there ONE thing I could change, one simple thing I could do differently.

Sometimes just exploring the questions is enough to create a shift. There always the question as to whether the obstacles are internal or external and these are very important questions. Is it something I have any control over? Does being stuck mean I wait it out til the energy shifts, or is the waiting a symptom of being stuck?

Making lists can be hugely helpful. For example, what are ten things I could be doing to help promote my business? What are ten things I could be doing to make myself feel better? What are ten things I could be doing to help someone else? What are ten ways this project could be beneficial to others? What are the obstacles to getting this project off the ground? What are all the positive things I am already doing?

When you're stuck you need to ask the right questions. I have often found that when I begin asking the right questions and then writing down the answers, whether it's journaling, writing lists, whatever, that it short circuits the tape loops and frees up a lot of energy. It allows me to either see the positive steps I am taking or that I need to take to make a shift and then... Shift happens!