Chill Music

I came across a similar video earlier today and was fascinated by it- stunning, both visually and sonically. I couldn't access it to upload but you can click here to watch it. I had seen some of the instruments before- the percussion ones and the horns but the cello and harp knocked me out! So beautiful... such extraordinary sounds.
As for some of my other personal inspiration today, I met with a woman whom I had "randomly" met in the grocery store last week. She has a very entrepreneurial spirit and has started a number of great businesses locally, one of them being one of the best restaurants in Newport- cool, funky and eclectic with consistently great food for over 20 years. We were discussing her latest venture, which is helping other small businesses get off the ground. After about five minutes (yes, I'm a little slow) I said, "Well, maybe you could help me." Here I am reconfiguring my business which, in its most recent incarnation, was a sound healing center open to the public on a daily basis for 7 years. Now, after a three year period of transition, it is in my home and I am still in the process of discerning what parts of the old formula I can use, what new pieces can be integrated, and what is to be either eliminated from the equation or transformed in some way to accomodate the space I am now in. So yes, I can use some help from a seasoned and successful entrepreneur who has both vision and know how in putting it all together

So she came out to my house, had a ride on the sound table (which she loved- surprise, surprise!) and we spent three hours discussing the numerous projects that I would like to bring to fruition- my private sessions, my book, traveling and teaching, offering individual sound healing retreats, integrating Expressive Art Therapy into my session work, creating short videos, recordings and more. (The "more" is still a secret project!)

So, I am excited!