Listening to the Body

I had a beautiful experience with an herbalist today. I have known her for many years but always in passing, through other people. We had been trying to get together for a couple of years since I moved back up to Rhode Island but apparently it wasn't time yet. I ended up going to see her today due to some physical issues I have been having- a problem clearing my lungs ever since an respiratory infection I had over 5 years ago.

When I arrived she invited me to stand with her while she did a sort of opening prayer/invocation. It was not memorized but clearly spoken in the moment as she was guided- asking for guidance, clarity, for the ability to get out of the way and be fully present to whatever wanted to be revealed, released or cleared. It was incredibly powerful to be given both an invitation and permission to simply be for that period of time- rather than being asked questions, to take the time to tune in and let go of everything else that had come before or that was to come. I closed my eyes and soon a huge smile came across my face. Tears of joy and deep relief began streaming down my face. It was the sense of being given permission that was so profound- to be present to myself, to my physical body and to my emotional body.

The other thing that blew me away was her ability to listen so deeply and so intently (that thing I talk so much about!) to the body and all of the different ways it expresses itself- through words, movement, illness, behaviors, energy patterns, cravings, habits, etc. We had tea and talked for quite a while in the beginning and she was extremely attentive and observant- that was clearly part of the process. Once we actually began the session she also used basic diagnostic tools- observing skin tone and texture, listening to the pulses, checking the tongue and fingernails. It was extraordinary to be with somebody who works on every level- physical, emotional and energetic- and pays equal amounts of attention to each one with no sense of hurry or concern for moving on til whatever we were attending to was complete.

She was equally as attentive to her herbs as s he was to me when she began creating a formula. She listened to my body and she listened to the herbs and thanked them. It felt deeply respectful. Everything was honored.

I talk a lot about listening but I am not sure that I have ever been around anyone who practices it to the level that I witnessed to day. As a sound therapist, massage therapist and energy healing practitioner I felt like I learned a lot about what I am teaching!