Nothing, Pretending To Be Something

Fell asleep listening to Jeff again last night. Suddenly awoke with my heart pounding when I heard footsteps outside in the snow- crunch, crunch, crunch... Someone walking around my house.

Oh... no. It was just Jeff taking me for a walk up Temescal Canyon! Back to sleep. Slept like a log.

More good stuff in the works. Scheduled a couple of kirtans in Newport with a holistic counselor/life coach for her clients- a result of leading the chanting group last week.

Gave a kickass massage and sound treatment to a good friend this afternoon who has been dealing with a traumatic physical health issue and serious pain for many months at best. Her relief from the session was very significant, so that was a wonderful thing.

AND someone just reminded me of this fabulous band that was around for a few years- I saw them a couple of times at the Unity Church in St. Pete when I lived in FL and they were awesome. Excellent musicians, very conscious, and they rocked! Both times I saw them I danced nonstop through the entire show.

So here is a little treat for you. I strongly suggest you have your good speakers hooked up to your computer when you watch it. Here II Here, formerly Inner Voice...