Music, Brotherhood and Love in Tuva

In keeping with the need to be short and sweet for a few days I continue on with the theme of gratitude. I just finished watching the incredible film "Genghis Blues" for the third time, which- as it says on the cover- "no fiction film could possibly have dreamed up this wonderful story." It is the story of the late great blind blues musician Paul Pena, who discovers Tuvan throatsinging and a whole new world opens up to him. It is so joyful and heartwarming in so many ways while being poignant and bittersweet at the same time- just the way life is.

I am grateful to Richard Feynman and Ralph Leighton for being the first to bring the awareness of Tuva to the west, to Paul Pena for having the openness and willingness to follow a dream with no knowing of where it would lead him, and to Adrian and Roko Belic who had the guts to follow through on their dream and make this amazing film, virtually straight out of college instead of trying to do something sensible and boring! Also to all the people who supported Paul Pena and traveled with him to Tuva on this magical journey, and to beautiful Kongar-ool Ondar whose heart was wide open.

Music transcends languages and cultural barriers. It brings people together who might otherwise be worlds apart. It creates community and communicates love and brotherhood where words fail.