Living the Dream

A few years ago I made a vision board. It came from my depths and is one of my most favorite pieces of art I have ever created. Whenever I look at it, it speaks to me as a powerful expression of the truth of my being.  Amazing how we can take an outer form (in this case, collage) and use it to reflect our inner world, sometimes in the most unplanned and unexpected ways.
There is a diagonal pathway running through it- the journey of my life- which I was unaware of until after I had finished. It starts in the lower left-hand corner and represents the physical life and says "Walking the Earth Path." In the center of the picture is the representation of my essence, my true self. The words are "Journey to the Self." From there it travels to the upper right-hand section which represents God and Spirit. The words are "Journey to the Heart of God".

The most amazing piece is the hidden poem- just words, pasted on the board- a series of phrases that didn't reveal themselves to me as a whole until after I had completed the collage.
I am the dreamer
Arise and shine
Fully human, fully divine
O thou invisible spirit!
Awaken my world
A life of miracles
Beyond bliss