Randomness and Synchronicity

Long busy day full of good stuff! Met with my friend Kerstin Zettmar, yogini and amazingly wonderful visionary artist and set up a kirtan in her studio for April 23. Then went up to Framingham, MA to see my dear friend Sharon McCord who called me the day she arrived to let me know that she was in Massachusetts for a week. We had made a dinner date for tonight. As it turned out after dinner she wanted to go see a couple of other close friends of hers that she hadn't had a chance to really connect with. I have a wildly busy day tomorrow so I was hoping we could beg off on that little adventure but in the end it felt right so after a delicious sushi fest, off we went. And as that turned out, I now also have a gig doing a Healing Sound Journey for Mother Earth on April 22 in the World Citizens' Cafe in Framingham, MA which I am very excited about!